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The VDOMTM Patent Pending


Finest Materials

Designed with no details overlooked, the, patent pending, VDOM features specially engineered mechanical capabilities that allow users to easily control the VDOM during times of intimacy. Most of all, enjoy the VDOM anytime and anywhere as it was designed with comfort in mind enabling users to wear the VDOM for extended periods of time. 

Built for Comfort

Quality and safety was a priority when engineering the VDOM. The VDOM was created using medical grade materials and featuring an ultra-soft human-like silicon outer layer. 

Supreme Quality

The VDOM features a rechargeable battery pack that has the ability to hold a charge for up to 24 hours. Always know how close you are to needing a recharge through indicators and notifications from the VDOM mobile app!


Easy Connection

The VDOM mobile app enables users to send ping notifications to each other when ready for intimacy.

Take Control

With our easy to use mobile app, you have full control over the VDOM, enabling the device to go from flaccid to erect with one swipe!

Give Control

Add a partner and give them the ability to control the VDOM anytime and anywhere. The VDOM mobile app allows you, as the primary user, to enable, disable and/or restrict who can have control, how long that person can have control and custom blackout times when the VDOM can not be activated. 

The VDOM TM Mobile App 1.0

A Message from the Creator

In 2020, we are encouraging people to DITCH THE STRAP! Sex involving a traditional strap-on is very common within the LGBTQIA+ community and though it can be fun and efficient in sexual interactions, it can also be clumsy, difficult to assemble and wear, and make it darn near impossible to enjoy sex spontaneously.  Our premiere product, The VDOM TM, was created to provide an anytime and anywhere app-connected wearable sex tech device that would give individuals with certain sexual restrictions a method to have an automated erection at the push of a button. No more inconvenience and awkwardness that’s associated with traditional strap-ons during intimate moments with your partner. With the VDOM TM we truly wanted to counteract all the issues associated with traditional strap-ons and placed convenience, comfort and simplicity at the forefront when developing this product.


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