VDOM, LLC is an ingenious sex-tech firm that focuses on human inspired engineering and artificial intelligence. We specialize in creating state of the art prosthetic devices that enhance the adult sexual experience. Our premiere device, The VDOM TM, is an app-connected adult wearable device that has the ability to go from flaccid to erect at the push of a button.

The VDOM TM is here to revolutionize the sex tech industry through the evolution of research, science and technology.


About the Parent Company

SkiiMoo Tech, LLC is a research, science, technology and engineering firm born out of the Southside of Atlanta. Being a mashup of thinkers, creators and innovators, SkiiMoo Tech was created to disrupt the status quo and break through societal barriers by leveraging "all things tech". Our focus is on inventing technologically advanced solutions for niche markets that are usually not on the forefront.


To create tech-based products that alter, change, and/or upgrade human lives in the most positive ways imaginable.

Founder of SkiiMoo Tech and the Creator of the vdom

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